Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Change I Can't Believe!

It's time we took things to the root of Obama's campaign. Enough talk of him being a Muslim terrorist who hates America with an atheist wife. Enought talk of his pastor of 20 years being the black form of Hunter S. Thompson. "Change You Can Believe In" needs to be addressed in full.

This "change" has always come up as a vague reference to what he's going to do to America once he's president. He has not clearly defined what this change will be, only that things will change. Well, he's left it in the hands of other people, which is always a bad choice. Well, bad for him at least.

One thing we do know is that he intends to raise taxes. He also intends to add a mess of social programs that will further suck money from our wallets. So much so that all we will have left...is change.


Pops said...

Nice turn of the phrase Gus. I, like the you, am wondering who can believe in Obama's vision. (See my burkas post) This guy believes in some pretty scarry stuff.

Anonymous said...

America's problems are overwhelmingly caused by the behavior of Americans. In order to solve problems...as opposed to simply slapping on another bandaid...one must convince or force people to change their own behavior. Being creatures of habit, people tenaciously resist change in any form.

This is called The Politician's Dilemma.

And here's how they usually get around it.

One thing people do like is the idea that someone else should change. All problems are caused by that group over there and if we stand together against that group then the world will be a better place. Hitler was particularly successful with this one. American politicians don't generally lean toward genocide, at least not publicly, but they do make use of this basic principle. Obama's slogan, Change We Can Believe In is a good example.