Friday, March 14, 2008

How Can I Support McCain

I know the Republican thing to do would be to get in line behind McCain and push him through because he's the choice of the people. Well, I'm having a very hard time with just what "Republican" is all about these days. After countless infomercials and cosponsored bills with Ted Kennedy (D) I'm having a very hard time coming to grips with just what "Republican" is. What does McCain have to offer in the way of securing our borders? How does he plan to handle the attack on private health care? How do I support a candidate that doesn't agree with most of the primary purposes of the "Republican" party?

...and he's mean.

Can someone give me valid reasons to support him? Please help!

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William Teach said...

Well, we all know the things we disagree with McCain about. But, what of the things we agree with him about? While he was for the shamnesty, he does actually want to secure the borders, and part of the McCain-Kennedy bill required that the borders were secure prior to kicking in the shamnesty provisions.

McCain is for low taxes combined with reduced and better spending. He has always been against pork and earmarks.

He is for strong national security, and for preemtive action against radical Islamists. Yeah, there are a couple points regarding torture I do not necessarily agree with him on, but, overall, he would be tough.

One good point for him is that he will NOT sit back and let the liberals attack him and his policies without rebuttal, as Dubya has done for over 7 years now. You have to fight for ones position in politics. McCain will.

Personally, I like that he has a temper. Humanizes him, tells me he is more then just a politician.

Typically, when McCain says something, he means it.

McCain will not go and have high level diplomatic convos's with the likes of the leaders of Iran and Syria, among others.

McCain will replace any retiring SCOTUS judges with good strict constructionists.

He will not bankrupt our country with nanny state programs like the Dems would.

He is for reducing the scope of government.

Those are just a few things.

I used to despise McCain, too, but, the more I learn about him, the more I like him. Sure, there are some policy disagreements, but, I was not for everything Reagan and Dubya did, either.

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